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This is a wiki which was created by Fire and CreeperCon. Mainly about magical things, cool weaponry and super natural power. This is a wiki about a self-made story. So, if you are intrigued, feel free to stick around and give us some ideas and comments! Vote below on what is you favorite superpower!

Character Of the Month


Sanguine was once the most powerful person in the world. Trained by an unknown master, his skills can easily surpass Teth's and Dev's. It was said that battling him would be like battling against a tornado. His hands could move as quick as lightling. Before he took on Eclipse, he owned a monastry and trained people who had potential in them. His most second most skilled student, Raganork tried to take on Eclipse himeself but failed and was taken captive by Eclipse. Sanguine then took the rest of his pupils and took on Eclipse himself. Sadly, they were all killed in the battle including Raganork. But before Sanguine died, he managed a spell that will transform his essence into an elmerald which contained all his powers. Eclipse didn't notice the elmerald and left it alone. It was dicovered by Teth's dad which sealed it inside the third diemension, who gone insane afterwards because the elmerald had shown him the future which he couldn't bear to know. Because of it's power contained inside, it was widely know as the Glazing Fire.</div>

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